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I am writing to you all in order to communicate a decision that we have come to as an Executive Team in relation to the 2021 Summer UOVASC Season. Unfortunately, we have made the difficult decision to cancel the 2021 Summer UOVASC Season. 

This was not an easy decision to make, especially due to the enforced cancellation of the 2020 Summer UOVASC Season, but as an Executive Team we feel that is the only decision that can be made at this time. We have made our decision based upon the following reasons:
  • It is unclear as to when the current Stay at Home Order will be concluded. Current predictions are that this will be extended beyond the current date.
  • It is unclear as to what level of restrictions will be implemented at the end of the Stay at Home Order, however it is entirely likely that they may be restrictive for a soccer season (Red or Orange).
  • It is a high possibility that in the unlikely event that soccer is possible, it will be a tight bubble system. The feedback that we received at the AGM from all teams was that most were in favour of a 7 a side non-competitive "fun pick-up" format if soccer was possible and it seemed that this was of some interest. However, there was not a huge amount of enthusiasm for this scenario.
  • Due to the expected extended home-schooling arrangements and the strains placed on those with families, it was felt that it may be best to make an early decisive decision to allow everyone to concentrate on their families for the Summer.
At this time, we have decided to carry out a review in August in relation to the Covid-19 Pandemic Status and the plan for an Indoor 2021/2022 Season.

If anyone has any questions or concerns, please contact the Executive Team via e-mail executive.uovasc@hotmail.com.

We hope everyone stays safe and has a great summer with their families and we will see you all in November for the next AGM (hopefully in person!).

Best regards
Joe McRae

President, UOVASC


Bulletin #:   I2021-011

Date:           Feb. 11, 2021

To:               Club Membership

CC:              Ontario Soccer Board of Directors, Staff

From:          Nicky Pearson, Senior Manager, Match Official Development 

Subject:      2021 Match Official Accreditation Clinics 

Ontario Soccer is continuing to develop the 2021 Match Official Accreditation Clinics, which will be delivered through an improved online format this year.

The system, which was scheduled to launch in February 2021, has been delayed until April 2021, as the upgraded system requires further testing before it is released.

Clinic information and details will be provided electronically to each registered District, Club and Academy when complete.

Ontario Soccer will update organizations and individuals with further information ahead of the scheduled launch. 

If you have any questions, please email Nicky Pearson, Senior Manager, Match Official Development.

How do I stay connected to Ontario Soccer?

For further information please refer to the latest bulletins on the COVID-19 Updates page, which has all the latest information from Ontario Soccer, as well as resources for your members. Please consider placing a dedicated link to the COVID-19 Updates on the homepage on your website.

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